An updated list of all of my refereed first author and co-authored publications can be found through the NASA/ADS abstract service, here. If the connection is slow, it may respond after refreshing the page.

As of April 2021, I have authored 48 refereed publications, with 2530 total citations. 

First-author, refereed:

10. McClure, M. K., Dominik, C., & Kama, M., Measuring the atomic compositionof planetary building blocks, 2020, A&A, 642, 15 (ADS)

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Co-authored papers, refereed:

38. Ginski, C., Facchini, S., Huang, J., Benisty, M., Vaendel, D., Stapper, L., Dominik, C., Bae, J., Ménard, F., Muro-Arena, G., Hogerheijde, M., McClure, M., van Holstein, R., Birnstiel, T., Boehler, Y., Bohn, A., Flock, M., Mamajek, E., Manara, C., Pinilla, P., Pinte, C., Ribas, Á., Disk Evolution Study Through Imaging of Nearby Young Stars (DESTINYS): Late Infall Causing Disk Misalignment and Dynamic Structures in SU Aur, 2021, ApJ, 908, 25

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